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ISRHML Biannual Conference 2020

August 17th - 20th, 2020

Clinical Workshop
August 20th - 21th, 2020

Professor Berthold Koletzko, University of Munich, Germany
Professor Magnus Domellöf, University of Umeå, Sweden

Click here for the ISRHML 2020 Conference website.

The 14th International Conference on Lactoferrin will be held Nov. 4-8, 2019 in Lima, Peru. There will be updates on lactoferrin in breast milk, its biological functions, and results of clinical trials. Abstracts for oral, poster or commercial exhibit are due on September 1, 2019. Graduate students and Postdoctoral fellows applying for a Student Award must submit their abstract before August 15th, 2019. Please see the conference website for more information (http://www.lactoferrinconference2019.com/).

Trainee Expansion Program Testimonial

“Being awarded the TBF allowed me to cross the globe to learn the latest techniques in mammary gland biology and build an independent research project. I am at the forefront of characterising the molecular and functional profile of the lactating breast.”

Alecia-Jane Twigger
Postdoctoral Fellow, Helmholtz Centre
2016 Bridge Fund Recipient