ISRHML Activities and Guidance related to COVID-19

Several ISRHML members are leading research projects related to human milk, lactation and COVID-19. Watch our social media (Facebook & Twitter) and newsletter for updates!

  1. Human Milk Collection Protocol
    ISRHML researchers have established a consensus protocol for collecting human milk for SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 research. Download the current version here.
  2. Emerging Literature
    Dr. Mija Ververs and colleagues at the Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian are curating a repository of information on COVID-19, Maternal and Child Nutrition. The repository is updated every few days, and includes a specific section on COVID-19, breastfeeding and breast milk.
  3. International Efforts & Guidance
    Within its MNACH Research Network, the WHO has established a Working Group on Infant Feeding and COVID-19. Several ISRHML members are contributing to these efforts. Learn more about the group or request to join the network here. The WHO provides the following guidance and resources for the general public: