TIG Standard Operating Procedures


The Trainee Interest Group (TIG) is a sub-organization of ISRHML dedicated to students, postdocs, and new research scientists and faculty members. The TIG organizes activities that foster academic and professional growth within the field of human milk and lactation research for these junior members.


  • Connect trainees with each other and to experts/senior members of ISRHML - (networking)
  • Enhance the visibility of trainees to senior members of ISRHML
  • Advance academic and professional growth related to research in human milk and lactation
  • Expand trainee knowledge through Trainee Mentorship Series


ISHRML Trainee membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows who are participating in research related to human milk/breastfeeding or lactation. The TIG, however, includes all trainee members, as well as new research scientists and faculty members (the new research scientists and faculty members who are not trainees should be ISRHML Associate or Full members, and are not eligible for trainee membership fees, conference registration fees, nor conference trainee travel funds).


The TIG Executive Committee consists of: President (tie breaker), President-elect (voting), Secretary (voting), Trainee Mentorship Series Coordinator (voting), Member Recruitment and Social Media Chair (voting), Blog/Newsletter Editor (voting), and two advisors (non-voting). Executive committee terms shall serve two-year terms and be limited to a maximum of four years, with staggered terms to ensure continuity of leadership.

The President shall become the Past President upon completion of his/her term as President and serve for one-year. The President-elect is elected the year after the current President has completed one year to familiarize him/her to the current status of the committee before taking office as President. The two advisors are appointed by the ISRHML President on alternating years to provide guidance and support to the TIG. The ISRHML President and President-elect are recommended to participate in TIG Executive Committee meetings as non-voting attendees to streamline communications between ISRHML and TIG Executive Committees.


  1. General Duties
    • All TIG Executive Committee members shall participate in all scheduled conference calls. Failure to participate in at least 60% of conference calls may result in forfeiture of Executive Committee position;
    • All TIG Executive Committee members shall assist with all TIG sponsored events at ISRHML and ISRHML-affiliated conferences (if attending);
    • All TIG Executive Committee members shall volunteer at the TIG booth at ISRHML and ISRHML-affiliated conferences (if attending);
    • TIG policies and procedures shall be reviewed every other year as the new TIG President assumes office;
  2. Duties of the President (two-year term)
    • Work with ISRHML staff to coordinate work of TIG;
    • Provide strategic oversight and guidance to all TIG activities
    • Liaise between ISRHML Executive Committee and TIG at large
    • Work with Advisors and ISRHML President to oversee the participation of the Executive Committee members;
    • Work with ISRHML staff and ISRHML President to oversee event planning;
    • Work with ISRHML staff to oversee the TIG correspondence;
    • Coordinate and lead regular TIG exec committee conference calls;
    • Circulate the agenda before each conference call;
    • Make annual reports for the ISRHML Executive Committee.
  3. Duties of the President-elect (one-year term)
    • Work with the Member Recruitment and Social Media Chair to improve TIG membership;
    • Assist the President in TIG sponsored event planning;
    • Provide assistance to the President
    • Assume President duties when the President is not available;
  4. Duties of the Secretary (two-year term)
    • Assist the President and President-elect of TIG with administrative tasks
    • Assist the President of TIG with creating meeting agendas, as needed
    • Record meeting minutes and archive them with ISRHML, after approval from the TIG Governing Committee
  5. Duties of the Trainee Mentorship Series (two-year term)
    • In conjunction with the Executive Committee and Advisors define areas and topics of interest for the Mentorship Series webinars
    • In conjunction with Executive Committee and Advisors approve potential lecturer names and lead efforts to contact these members
    • Lead efforts to organize, coordinate and oversight the TIG Mentorship Series, a bimonthly activity where mentors are invited to talk about different topics within the field of human milk and lactation
  6. Duties of the Member Recruitment and Social Media Chair (two-year term)
    • Work in conjunction with ISRHML executive committee and staff to advertise for TIG sponsored/related activities/events
    • Working closely with ISRHML Social Media (SoMe) committee and organize social media adviertisement and outreach on topics of HML research
  7. Duties of the Blog/Newsletter Editor (two-year term)
    • Manage the TIG blog and publish contents with the approval of ISRHML President and the two TIG Advisors;
    • Compile the quarterly Newsletter (Milk minutes) with the approval of ISRHML President and the two TIG Advisors.
  8. Duties of the Advisors (two-year term)
    • Provide guidance and support as appropriate in the excecutive council activities;
    • Serve as a liaison between the TIG and the ISRHML executive council specifically working with the ISRHML president and president-elect to ensure the TIG shares the ISRHML mission and that TIG is involved in larger ISRHML activities
    • Proofread, edit, and approve TIG communications (newsletter and blog)


Open positions are announced to the TIG membership by  the TIG governing committee.

Self-nominations are encouraged and shall be submitted to the TIG President. Applications should include:

  • a statement of interest (including applicant qualifications, reasons for interest in the position applied, and goals if elected for the position) and
  • a curriculum vitae

All candidates will be posted for an open election by the TIG membership. Preference will be given to current TIG members with previous involvement with ISRHML TIG and/or other leadership experience. The positions will be officially appointed by the TIG President following membership voting and additional discussion and recommendations from the TIG Advisors and ISRHML President.


TIG Executive Committee should have minimum four conference calls per membership year. TIG Executive Committee should have one in-person meeting during the biennial ISRHML conference. In case a member is unable to attend a conference call/meeting, s/he shall notify the President prior to the call/meeting. Quorum (70% Executive Committee membership) shall be reached for each meeting, unless in urgent/time-sensitive situations as identified by the TIG President.

Items that require motion and voting include, but are not limited to: meeting agenda and minutes, activities involving financial support from the ISRHML Executive Committee, significant changes to current operating processes that will affect TIG membership, and event planning,


The term years will extend from April 1st to March 31st and will last for two years (except President-elect position).