Award Winners

Macy György Award

2018 Recipient: Ann Prentice

Ann Prentice has been selected to receive the 2018 Macy Gyorgy award. She is Director and Head of Nutrition and Bone Health Research at the MRC Elsie Widdowson Laboratory, Cambridge, and Head of the Calcium, Vitamin D and Bone Health Group at MRC Keneba, The Gambia. She is a basic scientist with a strong commitment to the translation of scientific evidence into policy and practice.

This lifetime achievement award recognizes the many outstanding, original scientific contributions that Dr. Prentice has made to the study of human milk and lactation. Her research focuses on life course nutritional requirements for population health, with an emphasis on calcium and vitamin D, encompassing the nutritional problems of both affluent and resource-limited societies. She is involved in projects studying pregnant and lactating women, children, adolescents and older persons in the UK, The Gambia, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, China, Bangladesh and South Africa.

Dr. Prentice will receive her award at the ISRHML Conference in Japan and will deliver the Keynote Lecture entitled “The Rewards of Cross-Cultural Research into Human Milk and Lactation”

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Ehrlich-Koldovsky Award

2018 Recipient: Meghan Azad

Dr Meghan Azad has received the Ehrlich-Koldovsky Award in recognition of her innovative research into maternal nutrition, breastfeeding, and the infant gut microbiome. Her work is dedicated to breakthroughs in reducing the considerable health and economic burden of asthma, obesity, and chronic disease. Dr Azad holds a Canada Research Chair in the Developmental Origins of Chronic Disease, and is a founding member of the multidisciplinary Developmental Origins of Chronic Diseases in Children Network (DEVOTION), where she is the Population Health co-Lead. Dr Azad also co-leads the Manitoba site of the national CHILD Study. In addition to her exceptional research contributions, Dr. Azad has been an active member of the society, contributing to the Trainee Interest Group, the Trainee Expansion Program, the Executive Committee and, currently, as Secretary of ISRHML.

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*Formerly Young Investigator Award