Scientific and educational activities organised or sponsored by ISRHML
The practice of research is a “covenant of trust” between the parties involved and rests on the commitment to fidelity and service. ISRHML is a professional organisation that supports research, exchange and critical discussion of research findings in the field of human milk and lactation through the organisation of scientific meetings, educational symposia, networking opportunities, and other activities. ISRHML aims at supporting diversity and inclusion of all researchers working in the field of human milk and lactation.

Researchers have an obligation to dedicate themselves to continue to study, apply, and advance scientific knowledge and to maintain a commitment to information sharing. They maintain their knowledge and skills through education and other professional development activities. Thus, ISRHML feels obliged to set the agenda and to define the goals of scientific meetings and professional education, to control what subject matters are selected, to determine educational needs, and to take steps to ensure the independence of content and of those who present it.
Financial relationships with commercial companies in scientific and educational meetings organised or sponsored by ISRHML

Relationships between researchers and commercial companies may or may not pose challenges for the independence and objectivity of scientific or educational events. However, commercial support is often needed to support the costs of scientific and educational activities in the face of uncertain funding from other sources, and it may help make such activities more accessible, especially for individuals working under resource-poor conditions. Along with lowering costs, commercial support may encourage greater participation than would otherwise be the case. However, there is concern that commercial funding might have undesirable effects, including potentially biasing content toward funders’ products or interests, and influencing the overall range of topics covered. The ISRHML Executive Committee takes responsibility to ensure appropriate measures to safeguard the independence and integrity of scientific and educational activities related to the society.