Minimizing the opportunity for undue influence
ISRHML should aspire to avoid the potential for undue influence or the chance that confidence in the integrity and independence of its activities is undermined. ISRHML should strive to obtain non-commercial sources of support whenever possible, should design and conduct scientific and educational activities so as to limit costs, and should insist that organizers and speakers at conferences and other outreach activities provide unbiased, high quality scientific and educational programmes. In addition, all organizers and speakers at ISRHML-sponsored symposia must disclose all financial relationships that might result in or be perceived as resulting in conflicts of interest. The organizers of ISRHML-sponsored events should provide a respective template to all presenters.

It is not always feasible or even desirable for scientific or educational activities to disengage from commercial companies. In some situations, collaboration with a commercial company may in fact be necessary, for instance to achieve the goals of a research or educational activity (e.g., provision of a specific methodology or of specific equipment). Indeed, financial relationships with commercial companies can be desirable and ethically appropriate; for instance, if not accepting support from a commercial source or not permitting participation by individuals who have financial interests in the subject matter would significantly undermine ISRHML’s capacity to ensure that participants have access to appropriate, high-quality science and education. In these cases, it is acceptable to permit such support or participation. Vigorous efforts should be made by the organizers of ISRHML events and by the ISRHML Executive Committee to ensure that financial support is not linked to any influence on decisions on programe planning and content, and the selection of participants.