Exceptional cases
At times it may be impossible to avoid a financial interest or extraordinarily difficult or even impossible to mitigate its potential impact on an activity. For the most part, accepting support from a single company or permitting participation by an individual when there is an irreducible financial interest would create increased risk. However, in certain circumstances, it may be justifiable. Such circumstances include instances when accessible, high-quality activities cannot reasonably be carried out without support from sources that have a direct financial interest in content. Similarly, in the early stage of adoption of a new research approach or technology, the only individuals truly qualified to inform professionals in its use are often those who developed the innovation or conducted the research. These individuals may have the most substantial and direct interests at stake, whether through employment, royalties, equity interests, or other direct financial interests in the adoption and dissemination of the new technology. ISRHML should ensure transparency about direct financial interests in a particular activity or its content.