ISRHML conferences
The responsibility for the ISRHML scientific conferences lies with ISRHML. However, part of the organisational work (e.g., registration and accommodation, abstract handling, sponsoring activities, exhibition) for these conferences may be delegated to a third-party company (e.g., a professional conference organiser, PCO) which acts in the name and on behalf of ISRHML for all delegated activities.

Participating companies
Any exhibitor/sponsor company shall inform all subsidiaries, affiliates, third party companies, etc. involved on its behalf of the rules of these ISRHML Guidelines and related information provided by the conference organizer. It is the exhibitor’s/sponsor’s responsibility – being the official contracted partner to ISRHML – that its subcontractors adhere to all guidelines stated here.

An exhibition stand is a forum for commercial companies to create the opportunities to present their company and their products to researchers and other professionals. Exhibition stands should therefore create the opportunity for the company to show and display information relevant to both, the company and their products as well as other scientific information they may choose.

Give-aways and printed material
Give-aways and printed material may only be distributed in the space rented by the exhibitor in the exhibition hall or at a company’s own satellite symposia. No such material may be distributed in any hotelused by ISRHML. Contests, lotteries, and raffles are subject to the approval by the organizer or PCO acting on behalf of ISRHML.

Space integrity / promotional activities
Exhibitors are prohibited from publicising, distributing, canvassing, and/or maintaining any activities, inducements, demonstrations, materials, or displays outside the space assigned to them, unless agreed otherwise by ISRHML or PCO acting on behalf of ISRHML in writing ahead of the activity.

Exhibitor’s participation in sessions
Conference sponsorship/exhibitor guidelines shared by the organizer or PCO will determine whether and how many participants registered as exhibitors can be permitted to attend scientific sessions at the conference. Otherwise, exhibitors interested in attending any scientific session must register as regular conference participants.

Exhibitors may receive complimentary exhibitor registrations. The number of complimentary registrations depends on the sponsorship package. ISRHML reserves the right to refuse applications of companies not meeting or not having met on previous occasions the standard requirements or expectations. ISRHML reserves the right to curtail or to close exhibits (wholly or partially) that reflect unfavourably on the character and the purpose of the conference.