Industry-sponsored satellite symposia
If ISRHML offers the opportunity to hold satellite symposia organised by commercial companies, their main objective should be to communicate scientific material which will enhance the knowledge of participants. Satellite symposia slots may be allocated by ISRHML or the PCO acting on behalf of ISRHML, taking into account previous support to the meeting, a balanced match of programme content, and other considerations that serve to support attendees. There will be no material inducement or publication of a reward to attend the symposium. Delegates may be sent special invitations and may be offered reasonable meal or drink service, but no other reward to participants is allowed for attending a symposium.

The satellite symposium programme must be submitted to the meeting organisers in advance of the event. The organisers may raise objections in which case adaptations should be agreed upon, or otherwise the satellite symposium ought to be cancelled.

The chairperson of the satellite symposium should not be employed by or otherwise dependent on the sponsoring company, but should be an ISRHML member who is an independent researcher or professional not employed by a company related to the symposium. The chairperson has a responsibility to oversee that the messages and conclusions presented during the symposium are based on available scientific data. The sponsor should inform the chairperson(s) of this responsibility. In addition, the sponsor of a satellite symposium and the chairperson are jointly responsible for adhering to the assigned time slot of the symposium.

All satellite symposia must be held at the conference venue during the official time slots offered by the organizers. If any activities of a commercial partner are deemed to be in conflict with this policy or with the aims of the society, these will be assessed and will be treated in due course on a case-by-case basis.

Advertising and promotion of industry-sponsored satellite symposia during the conference
Satellite symposia programs and invitations may only be distributed in the space rented by the exhibitor in the exhibition hall (if applicable) and at the entrance to the auditorium used for the satellite symposium no more than 24 hours before the start of the symposium, unless otherwise agreed in writing with ISRHML or the PCO acting on behalf of ISRHML.

Photos, filming, and audio recording of satellite symposia
Photos, filming, and audio recording are permitted with the following conditions: in a written agreement between the company presenting the symposium and ISRHML it should be confirmed that the captured material must be used only for educational purposes. The company responsible for the symposium must inform its speakers and obtain written consent from its speakers directly. The captured material should not be profit making or for commercial purposes or incur additional costs to the organisers of the conference. ISRHML will retain the right of use for the captured material. Any such requests require official permission from ISRHML clearly outlining the purpose of the recording. Live and/or simultaneous broadcasting of satellite symposia in any way is prohibited unless otherwise agreed in writing.