Conclusions and Recommendations
1. Healthy and robust relationships among researchers and commercial companies can play an important role in supporting and advancing science, healthcare, and education related to human milk and lactation.
2. ISRHML should define the goals of scientific and educational activities independent from other interests and sets its own priorities for such activities.
3. Financial or in-kind support from commercial entities or their affiliates that may have a direct interest in activities of ISRHML can, under some circumstances, create conditions in which external interests might influence the activities of ISRHML. However, support from commercial companies may be needed to enable access to appropriate, high-quality scientific, and educational activities. In these circumstances, participants should be confident that vigorous efforts will be made to maintain the independence and integrity of such activities.
4. Financial or in-kind support from commercial entities should be transparently disclosed prior to election by all candidates for ISRHML Executive Committee Membership, and again annually by all ISRHML Executive Committee Members and by others who organise ISRHML events and activities. The ISRHML Executive Committee will determine the conditions of disclosure, its review and potential implications.
5. Organizers of ISRHML-sponsored events (conferences, webinars, etc.) should disclose all support received and will take measures to ensure independence and integrity of the event, as detailed in these guidelines.
6. Invited speakers and abstract presenters at ISRHML-sponsored events (conferences, webinars, etc) should comply with all applicable professional standards and be fully transparent about financial relationships that could potentially influence ISRHML activities.

Adopted by the ISRHML Executive Committee on 05.01.2019.