Volunteer Opportunities

Are you a trainee member interested in getting involved with ISRHML? Check out our current volunteer opportunities below. If you have ideas of other ways you would like to get involved, please contact the TIG Governing Committee at tiggovcommittee@gmail.com.

TIG Governing Committee

The TIG Governing Committee is responsible for governing the affairs of ISRHML’s Trainee Interest Group. This committee consists of the TIG President, TIG President-Elect, TIG Past-President, TIG secretary, Trainee Mentorship Series Coordinator, Newsletter & Blog Editor, Social Media & Communications Chair, Member Recruitment Chair, and TIG advisors. Learn more about this committee by viewing our current committee members and standard operating procedures.

TIG Global Recruitment Committee

The TIG Global Recruitment Committee was established in an effort to improve and engage our trainee membership globally. The committee consists of the TIG President, TIG President-Elect, TIG Secretary, and trainee representatives from each WHO world region. The goals of the committee are to improve our trainee membership within each WHO world region and co-host regional webinars with senior ISRHML members. Click here to learn more about this committee.

TIG Social Media Volunteers

The ISRHML Social Media (SoMe) Committee oversees the social media content and policies related to the society as a whole. The committee consists of the ISRHML Secretary (chair), the TIG Social Media & Communications Chair, 2 members of the TIG, and 2 from the general membership. The SoMe committee also coordinates a team of volunteers (both trainees and full/associate members) to help post social media content on behalf of the society. Click here to learn more about this committee. If you are interested in getting involved as a trainee SoMe volunteer, please contact info@ISRHML.com