Larisse Melo

Current Position:
TIG Membership & Recruitment Co-Chair

Time as a volunteer:
1 year

Most meaningful contribution as a volunteer:
Launching the Regional Webinars for the Region of the Americas

Why do you volunteer at ISRHML:
I started volunteering at ISRHML to expand my network and to contribute to the promotion of science in the field of human milk and lactation, and ended up staying and expanding my contribution because of the vibrant community we have here!

What do you like about volunteering at ISRHML:
ISRHML has a very engaging community of trainees, and it has been great to connect with them. Especially in times of remote work, I like being part of this community.  

What do you do when you are not volunteering:
I work as a Sessional Lecturer at the University of British Columbia (UBC - Vancouver, Canada), where I teach “International Nutrition” and “Vitamins, Minerals and Health”. Outside of work and volunteering, I enjoy being outdoors whenever possible, especially if it involves playing some sort of outdoor sports, like cycling, beach volleyball or tennis.

What we might be surprised to know about you:
That I have done two triathlons! I am surprised myself.

How do you keep balance in your life:
By trying my best to establish healthy boundaries around work, and by reminding myself that my health should always be my number one priority.

What are you currently watching or reading:
Currently watching Anne with an E and currently reading a mix of Women Who Run with the Wolves by  Clarissa Pinkola Estés and Food Is the Solution by Matthew Prescott.