Lauren Brink

Current Position:
SoMe Member

Time as a volunteer:
2+ Years

Most meaningful contribution as a volunteer:
Organizing & leading a zoom conversation with experts in the field at the start of SarsCov2 outbreak

Why do you volunteer at ISRHML:
I enjoy participating in the society. It is a great way to maintain & gain relationships with peers & be exposed to the variety of research that is occurring

What do you like about volunteering at ISRHML:
I enjoy collaborating & connecting with fellow ISRHML members through the volunteer activities

What do you do when you are not volunteering:
I am a principal nutrition scientist (manager) in medical insight platforms at Reckitt. My "day job" consists of driving nutrition innovation  for the business and specifically for maternal health. I think it is very important for industry to support ALL mothers and provide efficacious interventions to support breastfeeding.

What we might be surprised to know about you:
Post graduate school, I've moved around a fair amount.. (California --> Arkansas --> Indiana --> North Carolina). My most recent move to North Carolina took advantage of new ways of working due to COVID. I moved to a full time remote position in order to live closer to family!

How do you keep balance in your life:
Kids help keep things in balance. In the afternoon,  you have to sign off and pick the kiddos up. Also, I really like being creative (crocheting, playing the piano, remodeling my home). These activities help pull me away from work!

What are you currently watching or reading:
Successful Women Speak Differently by Vaorie Burton