Sara Moukarzel

Current Position:
Executive Director & Postdoctoral Researcher - UC San Diego

Time as a volunteer:
Inaugural TIG President (2015-2017)

Most meaningful contribution as a volunteer:
Conceptualizing & co-establishing ISRHML's Trainee Interest Group & the Trainee Expansion Program

Why do you volunteer at ISRHML:
To catalyze international interest in human milk & breastfeeding research & to create innovative start-up opportunities for junior researchers in this field

What do you like about volunteering at ISRHML:
ISRHML is the only society dedicated to supporting young researchers specifically in the field of human milk & lactation. I love working with others towards this common goal and seeing many trainees jumpstart their careers, in big  part because of ISRHML's support. 

What do you do when you are not volunteering:
At UC San Diego, I conduct mixed-methods research on how to improve science communication related to breastfeeding- especially on social media. I also teach graduate nutrition courses at Notre Dame University.

What we might be surprised to know about you:
For weeks, a gopher was destroying our plants. I decided to put an end to it and sprinkled poison pallets around the backyard...The next morning, I found a tiny gopher hiding in the corner, looking sick and sad. I gave him sugar and water...saved his life. In 24 hours, he recovered! and yes, continued to eat my plants!

How do you keep balance in your life:
One of the metrics I use to measure my success is "how happy I'm feeling". I keep very close connections with my family and friends, and I'm always willing to explore new friendships.

What are you currently watching or reading:
I'm reading the novel The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah (highly recommend it!). I rarely watch tv!