The Macy-Gyory Award

This award was established to recognize the lifetime achievement of individuals who have made outstanding, original scientific contributions to the study of human milk & lactation. Read more about Macy Gyorgy here.

2021 ISRHML Macy-Gyorgy Award Winner

Olle Hernell, MD, PhD

  • Olle Hernell started his research career at Dept. of Medical Chemistry, Umeå Univ where he performed extensive studies on lipid metabolism. He discovered a novel lipase in human milk which he called ”bile salt stimulated lipase” (BSSL). His early work suggested importance for the infant’s lipid absorption. More recently he also described a key role in inflammation and arthritis development leading to novel therapeutic approaches
  • PostDoc @Harvard. Training in paediatrics & paediatric gastroenterology at Umeå Univ, lab work and clinical trials
  • Chair of Paediatrics, Dept of Clinical Sciences, Umeå Univ
  • Guest Professor, Dept Nutrition, Univ of California @Davis
  • Groundbreaking research in infant nutrition, human milk lipids, mineral absorption from human milk, donor milk banks, breastfeeding impact on infant growth, food allergy celiac disease & brain development, bioactive components incl. BSSL, LC-PUFA, nucleotides & milk fat globule membrane; and research on iron deficiency, human microbiome, celiac disease, et al.  -  Truly translational research from the lab bench to the clinic.


Past recipients of the ISRHML Macy-Gyorgy Award

Robert G. Jensen (1995)

Stuart Patton (1997)

Margit Hamosh (1999)

Armond S. Goldman (2000)

Bo Lönnerdal (2002)

Lars Å. Hansen (2004)

Peter Hartmann (2006)

W. Allan Walker (2008)

Mary Frances Picciano (2010)

Kathryn Dewey (2012)

Margaret C. Neville (2014)

Kathleen M. Rasmussen (2016)

Ann Prentice (2018)

The Ehrlich-Koldovsky Early Career Award

This award was established to recognize early-career investigators who have begun to make outstanding, original scientific contributions to the study of human milk & lactation. Read more about Otakar Koldovsky here.

2021 ISRHML Ehrlich-Koldovsky Award Winner

Bridget E. Young, PhD, CLC

  • Assistant Professor, Dept. Pediatrics & Public Health Sciences,
  • Univ. of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry, NY
  • Training in Molecular Biology and Nutritional Sciences
  • PostDoc in human milk composition and lactation research with Nancy Krebs, Colorado
  • Outstanding research on inflammatory cytokines and markers of oxidative stress in
  • human milk as a function of maternal obesity, hormonal milk composition in type 2 diabetes, breastfed infant’s microbiome and its association milk hormonal composition, infant programming and growth outcomes, effect of human milk composition on infant intestinal development and blood sugar regulation, metabolism and pancreatic function

Past Recipients of the ISRHML Ehrlich-Koldovsky Early Career Award

Sharon Donovan (1995)

Ardythe Morrow (1997)

Rafael Perez-Escamilia (1999)

Bohuslav Dvorak & Cheryl Lovelady (2000)

Johanna Hawkes & Michelle (Shelley) McGuire (2002)

Shannon Kelleher (2006)

Mark Cregan and Donna Geddes (2008)

Stefano Bembich (2010)

Lars Bode (2012)

Foteini Kakulas (formerly Hassiotou) (2014)

Katie Hinde (2016)

Meghan Azad (2018)